HDMI Cable Set B

HDMI 2.0b Highspeed Cable 2m - Cable Tie - Cable Clips - HDMI Angle Plug - HDMI Coupling

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Item number HDMI_SET_B

Highspeed HDMI cable 2.0b with Ethernet

A better video and audio experience with the HDMI 2.0b specification. This specification supports dynamic synchronization between video and audio streams. Simply transfer the image from the laptop to the TV. Optimum image and audio transmission from Blu-ray, receivers or game consoles is also possible.

Supports 4K Ultra HD, 3D and Full HD TV video resolution at 2160p/60, which is four times the clarity of 1080p/60 video resolution. The HDMI 2.0b version also includes the HDR (High Dynamic Range) format, which improves the brightness of the backlight. ARC (Audio Return Channel) receives and sends audio signals, eliminating the need for an additional audio cable. The Playstation 4 or the XBox are connected directly to the TV and the sound is returned to an A/V receiver. Also the copy protection with HDCP2.2 (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) is given.



  • HDMI 2.0b High Speed with Ethernet
  • 4K Ultra HD, 3D and Full HD TV video resolution
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range Image) - optimized brightness for images on the monitor
  • ARC (Audio Return Channel) - no more additional audio cable required
  • HDCP2.2 (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) - copy protection, no transfer of content without encryption
  • Gold-plated connections and a durable PVC outer layer with braided protective jacket


Product features

  • Specification: HDMI 2.0b (High Definition Multimedia Interface)
  • Bandwidth: min. 18 GBit/s Data rate
  • Video resolution: 4K@50/60 (2160p) - 4X clarity to 1080p/60
  • Video image format: 3D, FHD (Full HD), UHD (Ultra HD)
  • Audio channels: 32, multidimensional, immersive sound experience
  • Audio quality: 1536kHz sampling rate
  • Connector type: A (Standard HDMI)
  • Supports predecessor HDMI cable < 1.3, 1.3-4, 2.0x
  • Dual video streams to multiple users
  • Multi-Stream audio to multiple users (up to 4)
  • Support for theatrical wide-angle 21:9 video aspect ratio
  • Dynamic synchronization of video and audio streams
  • CEC Extensions
  • Length: 2m


HDMI cable in a comprehensive set

This set consists of HDMI cables in 2m length, reclosable cable ties, cable clips in black and white with nails, HDMI angle plug 270° and HDMI coupling. With this set you can optimally connect, extend, arrange and sort your new HDMI cables - just the way you like it!


Technical data sheet


Scope of delivery:

  • 5 x SEBSON® HDMI Cable 2m
  • 1 x SEBSON® HDMI Angle Plug
  • 1 x SEBSON® HDMI Coupling
  • 10 x SEBSON® Cable Ties
  • 50 x Cable Clips


Item ID 5055
Condition New
Age rating No age restriction
Manufacturer SEBSON
Manufacturing country China
Content 1 piece
Weight 597 g
Net weight 597 g