CO alarm LM 201A

Carbon monoxide alarm, LM 201A, EN 50291

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CO Warning detector LM 201A with display

Protect yourself from the insidious gas carbon monoxide, which you cannot see, smell or taste.

The most common sources of CO are:

  • Faulty gas heating systems (thermal baths) and stoves
  • Running combustion engines (e.g. power generators) in closed rooms
  • Blocked or uncleaned chimneys, fireplaces or flues
  • Portable fuel burners
  • Fuel driven tools
  • Grilling in closed rooms

The display of this CO detector shows you convenient values and settings for room monitoring. Three coloured LEDs inform you about the status of the alarm signal. If the CO concentration is dangerous, the alarm tone is triggered. This enables you to leave the danger zone in good time in a hazardous situation and initiate countermeasures such as switching off motors and opening windows and doors.


  • Function check with test button
  • Recurring self-test (every 45 seconds)
  • error warning
  • Temporary muting in case of false alarm
  • LED control lamps (green, yellow, red)
  • Early warning system (alarm at different CO concentrations)
  • CO alarm at dangerous CO concentration
  • Display indication (temperature, battery level, CO concentration, function monitoring, alarm)
  • Battery warning at low battery voltage


CO-Warnmelder LM 201A

  1. Loudspeakers
  2. LED Control lamps:
    red: ALARM
    green: Power (Control lamp)
    yellow: FAULT (error indication)
    Key for function control and menu control
  4. LCD Display


Product features

  • Power supply: 3 x 1.5V DC batteries type AA
  • Type of device: Type B
  • Sensor Type: Electrochemical
  • Product service life: 5 years after date of manufacture
  • Sensitivity setting:
    Complies with EN 50291-1: 2010 + A1: 2012 Standard
    30PPM without alarm 120 minutes ago
    50PPM between 60 and 90 minutes
    100PPM between 10 and 40 minutes
    300PPM less than 3 minutes
  • Standby power: <20μA (average)
  • Alarm current: <25mA (average)
  • Ambient condition: 0 - 45°C, humidity 0 ~ 95%
  • Alarm sound level: ≥dB at 100cm
  • CO Alarm mute: approx. 5 minutes
  • Dimensions: 119 x 90 x 38mm


Assembly instructions as PDF


Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x CO warning device LM 201A
  • 3 x 1,5V DC batteries type: AA
  • 2 x dowels
  • 2 x screws


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