Downlight type 13 + LED module

Aluminum white, Ø=83mm, H=21mm
rotatable, LED Module 5W 230V

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Item number ES_SET_13

Downlight with LED module in matt white

This mounting frame is equipped with an ultra-flat, exchangeable LED module. This considerably reduces the necessary clearance above the light source compared to a conventional light source. You also save on the socket, as the LED module is connected directly to the power source. The matt white surface blends discreetly into light ceilings or sets accents with coloured ceilings. For individual illumination, the recessed spotlight can be swivelled up to 60°.

LED module with the perfect color reproduction and flicker-free

This LED module with flicker-free light and optimized color reproduction brings the sun into the house. With the excellent color rendering index (CRI) Ra> 95, the lamp produces a light that shines as sunlight.


Dimensions in mm
Einbaurahmen Set Led-Modul + ES_T11 Maße

Product features

  • Material: aluminium
  • Surface: powder-coated matt white
  • Cover diameter: 83mm
  • Total frame height: 21mm
  • Overhang ceiling surface: 4mm
  • Mounting hole: 75mm (min. 72mm, max. 77mm)
  • Swivel range: 60°
  • Socket: without
  • Thickness of the mounting surface: max. 17mm
  • Protection class: IP20
  • Lamp: LED module 5W RA95 230V


Assembly instructions as PDF

EU Product database (EPREL)


Product features of LED

LED lighting at a glance
Base: -
Nominal wattage: 5W
Nominal luminous flux: 400lm
Comparative value: approx. 35W light bulb
Beam angle: 110°
Dimensions: ø50 x 26mm


Electrical specification  
Operating voltage: 230V AC 50/60Hz
Rated wattage: 4.8W
Rated power factor: 0.49
Switching cycles: > 12,500


Lighting specification  
Rated luminous flux: 397lm
Rated color temperature: 300K (warm white)
Rated color rendering index (CRI): > 95Ra
Compact flicker degree (CFD): < 1% (indiscernibly)  
Rated beam angle: 110°
Rated starting time: < 0,5s
Rated warm-up time (60 %): instant full light
Colour consistency: < 6SDCM
Luminous flux maintenance: 90.22%


Further specification  
Nominal - / rated lamp life time: > 25.000h
Dimmable: no
Accent lighting: no
Mercury content: 0,0mg
Body housing: Plastic / ceramic

The light source is replaceable by the end user.
This product contains a light source of energy efficiency class G.
*Disposal note


Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x LED module from SEBSON®
  • 1 x Downlight type 13 from SEBSON®


Item ID 3890
Condition New
Age rating No age restriction
Manufacturer SEBSON
Manufacturing country China
Content 1 piece
Weight 100 g
Net weight 100 g