MR16 5W RA97

Ra97, flicker-free, 5W∼ 35W, 12V DC, 420lm, 3000K, warm white, 120°

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Item number MR16_5W_RA97

GU5.3 LED with the perfect color reproduction and flicker-free

This LED lamp with flicker-free light and optimized color reproduction brings the sun into the house. With the excellent color rendering index (CRI) Ra> 97, the lamp produces a light that shines as sunlight.

Ra97 - The perfect color reproduction
The Ra value represents the color reproduction of a lamp. The color fastness is measured in comparison with natural light as sunlight or light bulb. With the right combination of color temperature and color reproduction you get the well-known light color of the light bulb. The closer the Ra value to the color reproduction of the light bulb (Ra100), the more natural the colors are perceived. And that is exactly what makes our Ra97 LED lamps special. Get real and natural colors in your living room, with the LED lamps Ra97.

The Ra97 series has not only an excellent color reproduction, but all LED lamps of this series are flicker-free. No more eyebrows flicker. With these LED lamps the eyes do fatigue no more.

Why warm white?
Warm white LEDs have a pleasant warm tone similar to that of a halogen or incandescent lamp.

Which area of application?
Anywhere where optimal color reproduction is desired or required. Give your bedroom, living room or dining room natural, fresh colors.

EU Product database (EPREL)


LED lighting at a glance  
Base: GU5.3 / MR16
Nominal wattage: 5W
Nominal luminous flux: 420
Comparative value: 35W light bulb
Beam angle: 120°
Dimensions: Ø50 x 53mm


Electrical specification  
Operating voltage: 12V DC
Rated wattage: 4,8W
Power factor: 1
Switching cycles: > 12.500


Lighting specification  
Rated luminous flux: 412lm
Rated color temperature: 3000K (warm white)
Rated color rendering index (CRI): > 97 Ra
Compact flicker degree (CFD): < 1% (indiscernibly)
Rated beam angle: 120°
Rated starting time: < 0,5s
Rated warm-up time (60 %): instant full light
Colour consistency: < 6 SDCM
Luminous flux maintenance: 90.22%


Further specification  
Nominal - / rated lamp life time: 15.000h
Dimmable: no
Accent lighting: no
Rated lamp mercury content: 0,0 mg
Body housing: Plastic

*Disposal note


Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x SEBSON® GU5.3 / MR16 LED

Note: A so-called LED driver (transformer with rectifier) with as precise a 12V DC output voltage is required for operation. You will find a corresponding LED driver in our shop, for example. Electronic halogen transformers are unsuitable for LED bulbs!


Item ID 4086
Condition New
Age rating No age restriction
Manufacturer SEBSON
Manufacturing country China
Content 1 piece
Weight 41 g
Net weight 41 g