Digital Body Fat Scale with Bluetooth

App controlled, 13 body values, 24 person profiles

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Digital Body Fat Scale with Bluetooth

Simply measure and track your body values with our tempered glass body fat monitor. In addition to the weight, values such as body fat and muscle mass are measured and evaluated. For example, the percentage of body fat, depending on your personal profile, is classified in three levels "Low", "Standard" and "High". However, all other values such as body water, proteins, visceral fat and BMR are also evaluated and classified. The BMI (Body Mass Index) is also calculated and helps you to find your comfort zone. Your biological age is determined on the basis of these values.

Body analysis by app

With the free app "Fitdays" you can control and evaluate your body values comfortably with your smartphone. The data is transferred directly from the scales to your smartphone via Bluetooth. With the app you can create and analyze up to 24 person profiles. Your measured weight can also be synchronized with the Google Fit and Fitbit apps.

Body measurements

  • Weight (kg/lb)
  • Body mass index (BMI)
  • Body fat (%)
  • Fat-free body weight (kg/lb)
  • Subcutaneous fat tissue (%)
  • Visceral fat
  • Body water (%)
  • Bone weight (%)
  • Muscle mass (kg/lb)
  • Bone mass (kg/lb)
  • Proteins (%)
  • BMR basal metabolic rate (kcal)
  • Biological age

Are you a professional athlete or a body photographer? No problem. With the additional function Athletics Mode your body values are calculated accordingly. In addition to the Athletic Mode, there is also the Baby Mode function, which can be used to determine the weight of your baby or pet.


Product features

  • Operating voltage: 3V DC
  • Battery type: 2x 1,5V AAA (not included)
  • Dimensions: 260x260x22mm
  • Dimensions LED display: 60x27mm
  • Material: Glass
  • Color: White
  • Measuring units: kg/ lb / st
  • Minimum load: ≥ 5kg/ 11lb
  • Maximum load: ≤ 180kg/400lb
  • Weighing steps: 100g/ 0,2lb


Assembly instructions as PDF


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  • 1 x SEBSON® Body fat scale
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