Stainless Steel Bottle VS_SB_AG

Stainless steel (18/8), PP/ silicone, BPA-free, 3 lids

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Item number VS_SB_AG

Drinking bottle made of sustainable stainless steel with three lids

Eco-friendly and sustainable drinking bottle ideal for sparkling water, soft drinks, tea or coffee, whether hot or cold. Enjoy your drink in a modern, dynamic design with the drinking bottle by Vinsun. With this reusable stainless steel drinking bottle, you are optimally equipped for every occasion - sports, school, university, bicycle, leisure - A perfect companion!  

Straw lid
Would you like to drink your favourite beverages directly from the bottle? Then use the practical lid with straw. This lid is great for sporting activities when you need a quick sip of water on the bike. The drinking opening can be opened or closed with one hand and stays tight. Carbonated drinks are not suitable here.

Drinking lid
The lid with a drinking opening is also suitable for drinking directly from the bottle. It is also recloseable, leak-proof and suitable for sparkling water. Ideal for sparkling drinks during sports or coffee on the go.   

Classic closure
If you prefer the classic thermos flask and drink out of your favourite cup, you can use the classic lid. The drinks stay hot or cold, are leak-proof and carbonated. Ideal for the office or a picnic in your free time. 

Tasteful and timeless
Our coloured drinking bottles have a matt surface, the silver bottle is shiny. They are particularly lightweight, which avoids extra weight on the go. The different colours are all decent and modern and have a slight colour gradient. The dynamic lids with screw cap are black and add a certain sportiness to the minimalist classic design. All three lids have a practical handle for optimal comfort. Tasteful and timeless for sports, bike rides, school, university or the office.

Use these drinking bottles as often as you like and save yourself unnecessary waste. The stainless steel bottles are very robust and unbreakable, which allows for a long life and flexible use. The bottles are tasteless and smell neutral, they do not leave a strange aftertaste and do not smell. For a long life, we recommend cleaning by hand.


  • Tasteful and dynamic design
  • Suitable for sparkling drinks
  • Hot and cold drinks
  • Leak proof
  • BPA free, sustainable and reusable
  • Long product life



  • Product: Drinking bottle
  • Application: sports, leisure, office
  • Lid: screw cap (3 lids included)
  • Bottle material: stainless steel
  • Material lid: plastic, silicone seal
  • Colour: Silver
  • Dimensions: ø73x235mm
  • Drinking opening: 57mm
  • Weight: 320g
  • Filling capacity: 500ml


Included in delivery:

  • 1x Vinsun drinking bottle 500ml
  • 1x Lid with straw
  • 1x Lid with drinking opening
  • 1x Classic screw cap lid
Item ID 5316
Condition New
Age rating No age restriction
Manufacturer VINSUN
Manufacturing country China
Content 1 piece
Weight 410 g
Net weight 410 g