8W∼60W, 800lm, 4000K, neutral white, 110°

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Item number MIRROR_E40_A

LED mirror cabinet light with switch

This simple LED mirror luminaire provides a pleasantly natural light and saves energy with the effective LED technology. It also does´nt glare into your eyes, because it does not glow directly forward, but downwards. Thanks to its simple, linear shape, this LED mirror luminaire fits particularly well in modern bathrooms. The luminaire can be easily and quickly mounted on wall units or shelves with only two screws. It can be switched on and off via a small switch on the underside of the mirror luminaire.

Light color neutral white
Neutral white LEDs ensure good, natural colour rendering of the illuminated objects. This is ideal when choosing clothes in the bedroom or shaving in front of the bathroom mirror. Warm white, on the other hand, produces a yellow cast, cool white a blue cast.

Application area
With its IP44 protection class, the lamp is ideal for the bathroom. The lamp is also popular in the entrance area, living room or bedroom, where light is needed in front of cupboards, e.g. in front of the wardrobe with mirrored doors.

Never change bulbs!
This lamp contains permanently installed (not replaceable) LEDs. With a lifetime of over 15,000 hours and more than 15,000 cycles it will light years across.


Assembly instructions as PDF

EU Product database (EPREL)


LED lighting at a glance  
Model designation: MIRROR E40 A
Base: without, fully assembled
Nominal wattage: 8W
Camparative value: 60W
Nominal luminous flux: 800lm
Beam angle: 110°
Dimensions 400 x 133 x 38mm


Electrical specification  
Operating voltage: 230V AC, 50Hz
Rated wattage: 8W
Switching cycles: > 15.000
Protection type IP44
Protection class II


Lighting specification  
Rated luminous flux: 800lm
Rated color temperature: 4000K (neutral white)
Rated color rendering index (CRI): > 80Ra
Rated beam angle: 110°
Rated starting time: < 0,5s
Rated warm-up time (60 %): instant full light
Colour consistency: < 6 SDCM
Luminous flux maintenance: 90.22%


Further specification  
Nominal - / rated lamp life time: 15.000h
Dimmable: no
Rated lamp mercury content: 0,0 mg
Body material: Plastic, aluminum


The light source is not replaceable by the end user.
*Disposal note


Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x SEBSON® LED mirror light
  • 2 x Screws


Item ID 5165
Condition New
Age rating No age restriction
Manufacturer SEBSON
Manufacturing country China
Content 1 piece
Weight 186 g
Net weight 186 g