HF Motion detector HF WAL A

HF sensor, range 5-15m/180°, max.1200/300W, IP20

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Flush-mounted high-frequency motion detector for indoor use

This active motion detector generates high-frequency electromagnetic waves (5.8 GHz) and receives their echo after impact with moving objects. In this way, the motion detector reacts independently of the temperature of the detected objects. The smallest movements within the detection range of the motion detector can be detected. High-frequency technology enables the perception of movements through doors, glass panes or thin walls. The integrated microprocessor triggers the "Close circuit" or "Switch on light" command almost instantaneously.

The RF sensor detects movements of persons, large animals and vehicles within an adjustable detection range of 5 to 15 metres at a detection angle of 180° and switches on the connected lighting. After a preset time of approx. 10 seconds to 12 minutes, the motion detector switches off again when no more movement is detected. With the aid of a controller, the switch-on sensitivity can be regulated in relation to the ambient brightness (in the range between 3 and 2,000 LUX). This motion detector can be switched on and off as required via a switch on the front panel.

Minimum radiation exposure
The radiation emitted by the sensor has a power of approx. 0.2mW. This means that the power of the radiation is about 1/5000th that of a mobile phone. This motion detector can therefore be used without hesitation.

HF advantages:

  • Independent of the temperatures of the objects to be detected
  • Virtually instantaneous reaction
  • Detection of the smallest movements
  • Detection through doors, glass panes and thin walls
  • No significant radiation exposure


Product features

Operating voltage: 220-240V AC 50/60Hz
Max. Power consumption: max. 1200W with usual lamps,
max. 300W with energy saving lamps
Performance: ~ 0,9W
Power consumption on standby: 0,5W
Transmission power: 0.2mW
Detection speed: 0,6-1,5m/s
Detection range: 5-15m/180°
Ambient brightness: < 3-2.000LUX
Protection: IP20
Protection class: II
Frequenzy: 5.8GHz CW
Switch-off delay: Min. 10s +/-3s - Max. 12min +/-1min
Dimensions cover: 80x80x46mm
Suitable for flush-mounted boxes: 60mm
Suitable for cavity boxes: 68mm
Housing material: Plastic


Assembly and operating instructions as PDF


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  • 1 x SEBSON® HF motion detector


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