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Modern G9 LED lamps

Modern G9 LED lamps replace outdated models without a problem and have many advantages such as significant energy savings and an exceptional lifespan. The innovative LED G9 light bulbs can be used for over 25,000 hours and save up to 90 percent of energy costs.

Our G9 LEDs, also known as GU9 LEDs, immediately offer full brightness thanks to their SMD LEDs and are suitable for living and work areas alike. Additionally, they have a wide-angle beam at 160˚ and can be easily replaced. The fittings do not need to be modified or replaced for this - the old light bulbs can just be removed and the new G9 LEDs simply inserted into the existing sockets.

G9 LED light bulbs have another advantage - there are no more long warm-up times since our innovative lights offer full brightness from the very first second. Interested customers should decide in favour of G9 LEDs without hesitation.